Twitter hashtag fail from Budweiser

Here’s an example of a Twitter campaign from Budweiser’s marketing department or agency. Can you spot what’s wrong? It illustrates a lack of understanding of how Twitter hashtags work.

Budweiser hashtag fail
What’s wrong with this picture?

It could be a case of lack of experience on Twitter led to using two words rather than one as Budweiser only signed up in late January.

To be clear, hashtags do not support spaces. If you wish to use two or more words as a hashtag, you should omit spaces. It’s good practice to use capital letters to separate the words, this is referred to as ‘CamelCase’. A good example how this is used well is #FreeTweetSeats – you can read more inĀ Tweet for theatre seats with #FreeTweetSeats.

Here are 5 tips on using Twitter hashtags including an example of why it makes sense to use CamelCase.

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