Top Ten social media tips with Ishan Beri

On Monday 4 March’s The #SocialMediaShow, special guest Ishan Beri, Social Media Coach and I provide our 5 top social media tips. Watch the replay above and/or read our tips below. If you have any questions or have any tips of your own, just post in the Comments on Facebook or get in touch.

The #SocialMediaShow is aimed at small businesses and social media professionals and it’s purpose is to increase your knowledge and improve your use of social media for your business, organisation or charity.

Here are Ishan’s top 5 social media tips:

1. Declutter your social media by unfollowing and blocking people who are make you feel like crap!

2. Use hashtags on Instagram Stories and  the location sticker. It can increase reach by more than 5 times.

3. Use all 30 hashtags on your Instagram posts; you won’t be shadow banned.

4. Share your story, show people your face, show them who is behind the business, don’t forget to socialise on social media!

5. Start small and you don’t have to do everything alone. Collaborate! (if only someone had told me this sooner!)

And here are my top 5 social media tips:

1. Optimise your social networks. For example, on Facebook upload a video or slide show as your cover (header at the top of your Page).

2. Review your social media activity. For example, use Facebook and Instagram Insights to see which posts are working for you then repeat this type of post.

3. Have conversations! – eg add insights to relevant Instagram posts and message new connections on LinkedIn.

4. Use video including live video. Next time you’re thinking of taking a photo, shoot some video instead!

5. Start creating Stories if you’re not already doing so and if you are create more!

On next Monday’s The #SocialMediaShow, I’ll have another special guest. Follow me on social media @pollingersocial for details.

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