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How to make your website and social media work together

On Monday 18 February’s The #SocialMediaShow, special guest Rich Mehta of Rigorous explains how you can make your website and social media work together, plus there’s the occasional contribution from me. Social media and websites are both about achieving marketing objectives with websites a one-way broadcast channel whilst social media is all about engagement but they can be very powerful working together.

Rich looked at 6 main ways of how social media and websites can work together plus we provided on screen examples.

  1. Sharing buttons, follow buttons and logos/icons
  2. Why feeds are not that good etc! Not so popular these days
  3. Social logins with Instagram Login coming soon
  4. Embedding social videos (see my Facebook Live above for an example!) and photos (Instagram posts work well)
  5. Re-purpose reviews from Facebook as testimonials on website.
  6. Google Plus – Why you need to get rid of everything related to Google Plus by 2 April

Watch The #SocialMediaShow above to learn more. The show is primarily aimed at small businesses  and social media professionals and it’s purpose is to increase your knowledge and improve your use of social media for your business, organisation or charity.

On next Monday’s The #SocialMediaShow on Thursday 25 February, I’ll be joined by special guest Ishan Beri, a Derby based Social Media Coach. We’ll be talking about the top mistakes that business make on social media and how to avoid them.

Ishan Beri and Jonathan Pollinger
Ishan Beri and Jonathan Pollinger

If you have any questions on websites and social media, please post in the Comments here or on Facebook under the video.

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