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The powerful Twitter feature you’re not using

Twitter Website Cards are a powerful feature of Twitter that encourages users to act; for example, buy a product or sign up to a newsletter. They are expanded tweets incorporating a headline, an image ‘call to action’ button and are displayed in full in the news feed. See below for an example:

twitter website cards example

Labels for the button are wide ranging and include: Read more, Shop now, Book now, Learn more, Donate, Apply here and Book tickets.

While it’s included in Twitter’s Advertising platform and is intended to be used as a Promoted Tweet, you can in fact use as a normal yet powerful tweet. There appears to be a loophole which for now at least means it’s free to use.

I’d encourage any business on Twitter to use as it can really help drive sales, sign ups and bookings. You can measure the performance of your Twitter Card by using Twitter Analytics, try different types and improve your results.

To access and use this special type of tweet you’ll need to be setup to advertise on Twitter, although if you don’t wish to advertise you don’t have to. Here’s the process from start to finish on setting up a Website Card.

1) Go to to set up your Twitter Ads account or to access your campaigns if you’re already setup. You can also select your profile pic then Twitter Ads at any time to access Campaigns.

2) Select Creatives then Cards from the top menu. (Note: If you don’t see this menu option then add your payment card. You will only be charged if you use Website Cards only).

3) Select the Website option button (see below).

twitter website cards

4) Select the Create Website Card button on the right hand side.

5) You can then set up your Website Card (see below)

twitter website cards setup

6) Once you’ve created your Website Card you should then save it and compose a tweet to go with it. You can come back at any time to obtain the link for your Card.

7) At this point you can choose whether to send as a standard or Promoted Tweet.

twitter website cards promoted

8) Select the Tweet button.

It’s good practice to try different combinations of tweets with your Website Card and see which tweets work best. I’d also suggest pinning some of these tweets to the top of your profile for increased visibility.

If you combine Twitter Website cards with Promoted Tweets, you can make them even more powerful. Twitter say that tweets with Website Cards drive 43% more clicks than regular Promoted Tweets with links.

Whether used as normal or Promoted Tweets, Website Cards are a valuable enhancement that can encourage increased activity around campaigns, contests, ticket booking, newsletter sign ups and sales.

To find out how I can help you use Website Cards as part of your Twitter marketing strategy, please visit the recently updated Services section.

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