How to add effective ‘calls to action’ to Twitter

Twitter, like all social networks, should be used to provide valuable content that followers find engaging and are happy to share. This builds awareness and helps grow an engaged audience, a percentage of whom will become customers over time.

Calls to action should be added to engaging content to encourage your customers to engage directly with you. For example, by entering a competition, signing up for your email newsletter, reading your blog or buying from you.

There are a number of ways you can add effective ‘calls to action’ to Twitter so here are five:

1) Use your Twitter header – Add a call to action to your Twitter header which should be 1500px x 500px. Make sure you leave a boundary of around 100px otherwise your text will be too close to the borders and may not be visible. ‘Follow me’ and ‘Tweet me’ are two example.

2) Add a link to your bio – Although there’s only 160 characters, there is enough room in your bio (description) to add a call to action with a link. For example, ‘Read my blog: <link>.’

3) Use Twitter cards – Use Twitter Lead Generation Cards which are part of Twitter’s advertising platform to drive action. The big advantage here is that people interested in your call to action, only have to click a button as Twitter uses the email address they already have for the user’s account. This leads to a good rate of conversion. Examples of call to actions you could use are ‘Win an iPad!’ and ‘Join my email list’. In the case of the latter, you can automatically add email addresses to your list by connecting your Twitter card to Mailchimp or a similar email service.

4) Tweet links – Include a links to landing pages in your tweets. You can encourage people to visit a custom made page by making your tweet a call to action and including a link to a landing page. Examples would include signing up for membership, downloading an app or buying a product.

5) Ask for a follow or retweet – If you have a good reason for people to follow or retweet you then ask them. For example, ask them to follow and or retweet to enter them into a draw or competition.

If you use any other call to actions on Twitter please add them to the Comments below.

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