The best time to post on Facebook is…

Of course there isn’t an exact best time for everyone to post on Facebook and even if that could be identified then it would immediately become the worst time to post on Facebook. The ideal time to post onto your Page and into the News Feeds of your Fans would be when you’re not competing with other posts (when Facebook is quiet) and when most of your Fans are viewing your posts. It’s hard to identify the former but using the recently revamped Facebook Insights you can find out the latter.

Go to the new Posts section where there’s a new When Your Fans Are Online section which contains a graph displaying numbers of visitors the average number of your Fans who saw any posts on Facebook by day of the week plus a graph showing the average number of your Fans who saw any posts on Facebook in an hour.

By studying the data you can very quickly find out the most popular days and times for your posts. It makes sense to post updates to your Facebook Page when most people are looking at your posts. For example, if the most popular time is 8pm on Wednesdays and Thursday then make sure that you are posting at these times.

You can schedule Facebook posts by adding these days and times to your posting schedule in Buffer or you can schedule from Facebook – select the clock at the bottom left of the update box.

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