Struggling to remember your password? Read this!

How many times have you struggled to access a social network because you’ve forgotten your password? You should be able to reset your password but this takes time and if you no longer have access to the email associated with your account, a password reset could be problematic.

There’s often a trade off between convenience and security when it comes to remembering passwords. Writing them down or using your “password” – yes, many do –  might help you remember your passwords, but they’ll leave your social networks and online accounts wide open to hacking.

So here are a couple of ideas for managing and remembering your passwords:

1. Use the 222 system – Pick a ‘core combination’ of 2 numbers and 2 words such as “7” and “3” and “dog” plus “planet”. For extra security ensure that the words aren’t connected with each other. Next choose 2 letters after your core combination to designate the social network. So for Twitter your password might be, “73dogplanettw” and for Facebook “73dogplanetfb”. To make the password even harder to crack you could capitalise the last 2 letter. For what it’s worth, the 222 system is a variation of a few password techniques and one I came up with.

Advantage: Makes passwords easier to remember.
Disadvantage: If someone obtains your core combination they might be able to access other accounts.

2. Use a Password app like PasswordBox – A number of apps can help you manage and remember your passwords as well as your user names. PasswordBox works with Windows and on Apple and Android devices. PasswordBox remembers all your user names and passwords as you enter them and you can save up to 25 logins for free. Strong encryption is used to protect stored user names and passwords. A handy feature is the ability to provide your master password to a trusted friend or relative. Useful should you forget your master password.

Advantage: Saves time when accessing social networks.
Disadvantage: If someone obtains your master password they’ll have access to all your saved account logins.

What system do you use to remember passwords? Let me know in the Comments below.


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