Strepsils and Lemsip Pages provide feelgood factor

I like the Facebook Pages from Strepsils and Lemsip that are currently being advertised on UK TV, as they provide plenty for fans to get stuck into. On the Strepsils Page there are 2 competitions – the first to win a holiday for 2 people in a log cabin plus another where you can win a daily prize for the best ‘Perfect Days’ mood board. There’s also a Remedy Advisor which provides advice whilst of course recommending Strepsils and associated products. There’s also lots happening on the Wall with plenty of questions being asked directly on the Wall as well as via Polls which creates plenty of engagement. For example, the simple question, ‘If you could create your own flavour of Strepsils what would it be?’ has at the time of writing (7pm on 28/11/11) generated 9 likes and 44 comments.

Over on the Lemsip Page when you visit for the first time you’re presented with a number of options on an easy to use menu; Visit Wall, Get Advice, Lemsip Giveaway, Watch Our Ads and See Our Photos so plenty going on here too. You can also create a video starring James Brown and one your Facebook friends singing ‘It’s a man’s flu’. As with the Strepsils Page they’re running the ‘Perfect Days’ competition and provide access to the Remedy Advisor. Lots of engagement on the Wall too with plenty of questions resulting in plenty of likes and comments. This simple statement followed by a question, ‘We have found a band called Man Flu!! What is the craziest name you have heard a band being called?’ resulted in 12 likes and 40 comments so far at the time of writing (7.15pm on 28/11/11).

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