Are you starting a new blog?

Starting a new blog is not a tough task and it’s not as time consuming as you may think. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the best marketing tools for promoting your product or company online as readers love regular content that provides them with value. Search engines love this type of content too. Through your blog you can demonstrate thought leadership and with enough readers you can sell more of your products or services. Below you’ll find some hints and tips:

Blog Registration

The main thing that you will need to do to start a new blog is to register your blog with a blogging platform such as WordPress. These provide blogging services that you can register for in order to create your personal account and to provide you with a website to publish your blog to. After you receive a verification email you register you will need to follow the instructions for registration confirmation. You will be asked to click on given link or required to give a verification code. All the necessary steps will be provided in the email.

Give a Unique Name to Your Blog

When blog registration process is complete, you can start creating your blog. You will need to give a unique name to your blog which you will use as its title. Choose a suitable title that is connected to your business or the subject that you want to blog about. The blog’s title should be precise and relevant to readers so they can instantly recognize what the blog is all about. Think carefully about the blog title for some time before you give it a name as you wouldn’t be able to modify it later on. Once you’ve given a unique name to your blog, you can set up your domain (web) address which can’t be changed.

Add Unique Content

Whether you use a blogging platform or blog on your own website, it’s very important to add content on a regular basis. Publish content every day at start; after that publish one or two posts per week but whatever you decide ensure your postings are consistent. Your blog is unlikely to gain readers unless you publish meaningful, helpful and interesting content for your target readers. Ask yourself what they would find useful and ensure that you provide them with value.

Select An Appropriate Design

With WordPress and other platforms there are plenty of blog designs and color schemes. Choose a templates that you will make your blog visually stand out to website visitors and that draws them in to read your content. It’s important to add photos and videos on to make your blog more appealing. To ensure that people find your blog through search engines such as Google, make sure you research suitable phrases and keywords and include them. There are plenty of plugins and tools such as Yoast that can help with this.


Once you’re happy with the name, content, design and keywords then…publish!


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