#SocialMediaShow – 12 December

Here’s the recording of this morning’s #SOCIALMEDIASHOW with this week’s social media news plus the features including:

  • Question time – Do you plan your social media content? Let me know in the Comments below.
  • Social media tip – Watch the video or read below.
  • Tools talk – IFTTT. Great for connecting one service with another. Eg Display your Instagram photos natively on Twitter. See below for more info and link.
  • My number of the week – 1. Facebook has risen to the top spot among tech companies the annual Glassdoor Best Places to Work US rankings.
  • What am I drinking? – It was good old English Breakfast Tea. Thanks for all the guesses.
  • And finally – Google speaks Emoji! You can tweet @google with an emoji as an alternative to Google Search. For example, tweet the popcorn emoji to be tweeted back with local movie times. You’ll need location services to be enabled for this fun but time saving service to work.

The #SocialMediaShow is aimed people who work with or who are interested in social media – I hope you enjoy the recording below. The next LIVE show on Facebook will be a ‘Christmas Special #SocialMediaShow’ on Monday 19 December at 9.30am. Please friend or follow me for notifications. Alternatively, select the Live Notifications button at the end of the broadcast.

Useful links from today’s Show

Tools talk – Great for connecting one service, tool or app with another using applets. For example, use to receive emails everytime someone tweets a key word. Also available as an app on iOS or Android.

Social media tip
Upload your photos and videos in HD – If you would like your photos and videos to be displayed in HD on Facebook, then make sure they are set to upload in HD under Settings on the mobile apps (default is standard resolution).

Facebook improving lead ads
As mentioned in the show, Facebook are improving their lead ads – more details. Come along to my next Facebook Ads Workshop on 9 February 2017 to learn how to setup these ads and others – learn more.

Sell your products and services through Facebook Messenger
Shopify now offer an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution to enable businesses to provide goods and services to customers via Messenger – learn more.

Advanced Social Media Workshop
If you work in PR, marketing or work with social media, my advanced workshop this Thursday 15 December in Cheltenham is for you – just 3 spaces left. I’m also running this workshop in Cardiff on 12 January, Learn how you can take advantage of the latest trends and new social network features plus lots more – find out more and book.

And finally…
Feel free to ask me questions on any aspect of social media by posting under this blog post, or by tweeting @intranetfuture.

See you soon on social media!


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