social media predictions 2019 and 2020

Social media predictions for 2019-2020

On Monday 29 October’s on my The #SocialMediaShow I talked about my social media predictions for 2019-2020 and reviewed my social media predictions from 2017. Watch the video recording above to learn how you can get ahead of the curve by discovering what’s coming next into the world of social media.

Here are my social media predictions for 2019-2020:

  • The camera will become the starting point for social media status updates by 2020 – this will be a big shift from the current practice of typing into a text box.
  • Facebook Stories will replace the News Feed by 2020 – I’ve pinched this one from Facebook 🙂
  • An obvious one but there will be more video – see predictions 1 and 2 but also I can see a shift from photos to videos eg product photos will become product videos as we are seeing on thew web.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) spectacles will become common place by 2020 – Facebook announced their own AR glasses this week and there’ll be more launched and adopted by consumers in the common months.
  • AR will be used to try on clothes in advertisements by 2019 – this is possible now and well become more commonplace.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be used more in social media – particularly in the area of customer services where data is involved.
  • Social media updates via voice and smart speaker 2019 – rather than type we’ll be dictating our updates pretty soon.
  • Social media news via smart speaker 2019 – smart speakers will also play a role when it comes to receiving information via social media, perhaps on their screens too.
  • Pinterest Lens tech adopted by Instagram 2019 – Pinterest has some excellent tech with Lens and Instagram will be doing something similar soon.
  • LinkedIn and Microsoft integration – with Microsoft owning LinkedIn and Office why not combine the two into a productivity suite in 2019?
  • Social shopping – we’re seeing social shopping in Instagram and in 2019, Facebook will join the party.
  • Social banking – the tech to deposit and withdraw via Facebook Messenger is available and social banking will be commonplace by the end if 2020.
  • More messaging – but less text. Lots of voice and video plus bots, shopping and customer services in 2019 and beyond.
  • What will the social network landscape in terms of worldwide users look like? Instagram and LinkedIn will continue on the rise, Facebook and Pinterest will stay the same and Twitter and Snapchat will disappear.

The #SocialMediaShow is aimed at people who use social media for business and it’s purpose is to increase your knowledge and improve your use of social media for your business, organisation or charity.

If you have any comments or questions on my predictions or on any aspect of social media please post in the Comments here or on Facebook under the video. Plus, I’d love to hear your predictions.

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