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Social media predictions for 2017


Please find below the recording of yesterday’s #SocialMediaShow on Facebook Live where I look ahead to 2017 and provide 20 predictions. Some might be familiar, but there are a few original ones in there too as you can see from this list. For more details, please watch the video.

  1. A large scale hack of a major social network will take place
  2. Encryption of messaging across social networks will become more popular
  3. Facebook Page posts will have zero reach unless they are boosted
  4. There’ll be continued huge growth in Facebook advertisements with revenues reaching $5 billion per month be the end of the year
  5. Facebook will reach 2 billion users by the Summer
  6. Consumers will be able to shop directly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  7. Automated customer services using Artificial Intelligence (AI) will explode
  8. Facebook will start producing hardware; perhaps spectacles or a phone
  9. Facebook will buy Twitter
  10. Google+ will finally disappear
  11. The Snap Inc (Snapchat) IPO scheduled for the Spring on the NYSE will be a flop
  12. LinkedIn will see huge changes; desktop redesign plus new functionality like document production (Microsoft Office), webinars and video conferencing
  13. Posting and tweeting using Alexa and other voice activated services will become popular
  14. Live video will increasing be used on Facebook, Twitter and perhaps LinkedIn too
  15. Live audio and podcasting will become very popular
  16. Social networks will make more use of geolocation services; eg location and communications between businesses and nearby customers
  17. There’ll be a popular new social network that hasn’t been started yet
  18. Virtual reality and 360 video posts on Facebook will become commonplace
  19. Augmented reality will be used by Facebook Messenger’s camera to provide more info on your surroundings
  20. Facebook will launch a chain of coffee shops

The #SocialMediaShow is aimed people who work with or who are interested in social media. The next show on Facebook will be on Monday 16 January at 9.30am where the discussion will be on the latest new features on social networks. Please friend or follow me for notification of when the broadcast goes live. Alternatively, select the Live Notifications button at the end of the broadcast.

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And finally…
Feel free to ask me questions on any aspect of social media by posting under this blog post, or by contacting me.

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