Social Media news snippets: 15 April-6 May

Shop with #AmazonBasket – you can now add items to your UK Amazon shopping basket via a tweet. Find a tweet with an product link, reply with the hashtag #AmazonBasket, then check out when you are ready. Watch this Amazon UK YouTube video for more info.

Facebook launch news service – Facebook has launched a news service for journalists called FB Newswire. It’s “a resource that will make it easier for journalists and newsrooms to find, share and embed newsworthy content from Facebook in the media they produce.” It will also be of interest to news junkies like me. You can follow the news at and @FBNewswire.

Facebook acquire Moves – Continuing its strategy of buying stand-alone app companies, Facebook has acquired Moves; the activity tracking or lifelogging app. It’s an interesting new direction into health and fitness for Facebook but remains in line with their strategy of focussing on mobile and social.

Twitter launch website cards – Twitter have launched a new ‘advertising card’  that encourages click throughs to websites. You can use on its own or in conjunction with a Promoted Tweets campaign. Here’s what the new card looks like:

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New Twitter profiles available for all– Twitter’s new style profile is now available for everyone to switch too. Note that once you’ve switched you can’t return to the old style. At some point in future, there’ll be a mandatory switch across to the new design. A reminder that the new image dimensions are header image: 1500px x 500px and profile photo: 400px x 400px.

Pinterest introduce ‘Guided Search’ – Pinterest has rolled out an expanded search engine on its iOS and Android apps. The new style search helps you browse your interests more effectively than you can on a traditional search engine. Search “social media,” for example, and you’ll see a list of trending items with that tag. You can also filter  and discover more by adding additional keywords. For example, you could add ‘LinkedIn’ and ‘Instagram’ to focus on those social networks. 

Facebook introduce App Links – Have you ever clicked a link in an app to another app and ended up with a browser window asking you for user name and password? Irritating!  The answer could be App Links from Facebook which will allow deep links between apps. There have been a number of attempts to introduce deep links but his initiative looks the most likely one to be adopted as a standard. It already has the support of 25 big names including Dropbox, Spotify and Pinterest. The links are already included in Facebook Apps meaning linking from Messenger App to Facebook App are working.

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