Social Media News snippets: 2 July-15 July

Below is a look at the last fortnight’s Social Media News, focussing on improvements to social networks that you can use to help grow your business. For help and training on increasing sales, boosting visits to your website and improving customer services, please get in touch to arrange an appointment or book me for a phone call.

Twitter analytics improved – You can find out how many times your tweets have been viewed and much more on the new Twitter Activity Dashboard. It’s part of Twitter’s Anayltics tools which are aimed at advertisers, but as I pointed out in ‘Improve your tweeting with Twitter’s measurement tool‘ they are available to non-advertisers too. The new dashboard provides an overview of your account but also data on individual tweets (see below). Using the dashboard you can access detailed analytics to help improve your tweet content and increase engagement. 

Twitter Activity Dashboard

Retarget with Facebook Ads – Facebook now lets you advertise to visitors who’ve been to specific pages on your website with some new custom audience types. For example, if you want to advertise to people who’ve been reading your blog posts or who have got to your shopping basket but not purchased, you now can. You can also target visitors who visited your web page during a certain time period. Handy for retargeting people who haven’t visited in a while but were are one time clearly interested in your services or products. This brings Facebook inline with Twitter who had already introduced retargeting. If you need advice on how to set up Facebook Ads or custom audiences please get in touch. email downgraded – Emails sent to addresses are no longer viewable on Facebook and will be now be forwarded to a user’s primary email address. This is a good time to review your primary email address and to ensure its privacy settings are appropriate. Go to Setting/ General to check and amend.

Warning! – Verified Page threat – There are a number of scam pages attempting and succeeding in many cases that are requesting permission to take ownership of  Facebook Pages. Please ignore such requests from any page – now matter how official it may sound – including Page Verified, Verified Page, Facebook Page Security and Page Vérifiée. Facebook is removing these Pages but more with the same and similar names are popping up.

Pinterest update business guide – Pinterest have updated their best practice guide for businesses with additional tips and examples . There’s plenty of good advice including what kind of images work best and how to craft a quality description – download business guide.

Pinterest introduces new Follow button for your website – The new Pinterest Follow button has an extra dimension to Facebook, Twitter and other social network Follow/Like buttons. It pops up a small dialog with a preview of your account’s latest pins.

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