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Social Media News Roundup – 7 December 2015

Here’s a summary of my social media news roundup on this morning’s #SocialToday show on Periscope plus some extra news.

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Facebook launch Periscope rival – Facebook are trialling a Live Video service which could become a big rival to Twitter’s Periscope. Previously, only available to high profile people it’s now being rolled out to regular users in the US.

Add Messenger and Events to your website – You can now add Facebook Messenger functionality to your website allowing customers to message with questions or customer service queries without having to visit your Facebook Page. Similarly, guests can indicate they’re attending an Facebook Event direct from your website.

Facebook News Feed change – Facebook is trialling a system where is puts different posts/videos in front of you and asks which you want to see or don’t want to see in your News Feed. If you don’t like a particular post of video, there’ll then show up less or not at all in your News Feed.

Facebook for Work – Facebook’s enterprise product is gaining ground. As part of a trial it’s now been adopted by Royal Bank Of Scotland. Facebook for Work takes all the good Facebook functionality – News Feed, Messenger and Groups and takes it to the workplace.

LinkedIn revamp mobile apps – LinkedIn have launched new mobile apps for Android and iOS. Having used them both for a few days, they are definite improvements on the past versions – easier to use, somewhat Facebookesque and it’s fast. However, I’m disappointed by the lack of search options which can be an issue when you’re researching someone on the road before a network meeting or conference.

Buy your dinner through Foursquare – Here in the UK it can be frustrating to wait for latest Facebook and Twitter features such as the ‘buy button’ so it’s great that we can take advantage of Foursquare’s buy button and purchase food from Hungryhouse take aways across the UK.

spice exchange cheltenham

Repost on Instagram – If you’ve wanted to repost on Instagram and couldn’t find the button, that’s because there isn’t one. But by using an app like Repost you can. There are a number of apps that do the same thing but this works the best out of those that I’ve tried.

If you have any thoughts on any of these news items, please post in the Comments below.

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