5 tips for getting noticed by Google Search

If you want to get noticed more by Google Search it’s vital to have a Google+ Page. As explained in a previous post even sharing your own content can make your website more visible. Here are a few more tips to help get your Page displayed more in Google Search results.

  1. Google says that to be displayed in the new Related People and Pages, all you need to do isĀ fill out your profile and post about your favorite topics.
  2. Include hyperlinks in the Introduction section. This helps both Google notice you as well as directing traffic to your websites.
  3. Post updates at least every 72 hours and make them relevant for your audience to encourage +1s and sharing.
  4. Encourage people to add your to the Circles. This will help get you noticed plus the more people in your Circles the more likely your content to +1 and share your content.
  5. It’s important to include key search terms in your profile and updates but note that according to @portintent preference is given to concepts with low commercial intent rather than niche terms with commercial intent. So think ‘fashion’ rather than ‘shirt retailer’ or ‘interior design’ rather than ‘furniture manufacturer’.

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