How to remove a LinkedIn connection

I spend plenty of time in workshops showing people how to build their networks by adding Connections on LinkedIn but sometimes you’ll want to remove a LinkedIn Connection if it’s no longer required or relevant.

It’s not immediately obvious. Your first step might be to go to the Connection’s profile but there’s no way of removing them there.

To remove a Connection:

1) Go to Contacts on the top menu
2) Select Connections on the sub menu
3) Select Remove Connections on the top right of the page

removing a LinkedIn Connection
4) Select the Connections you wish to remove (you can navigate using the alphabetical index)
5) Select the blue Remove Connections button
6) You’re then asked “Are you sure you wish to remove these connections? This action cannot be undone.” If you are sure select, “Yes, remove them”. If you’ve changed your mind select, ‘Cancel’.

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