Pinterest helps power Oreck

Oreck, the industrial cleaning appliance manufacturer, provide a great example of how best to use Pinterest. It’s not exactly a sexy brand and not one you’d normally associate with social media but they’ve come up with an engaging approach that helps drive traffic to their website. You can find out more about Pinterest in this #tweetthat video – What is Pinterest plus tips.

They take followers on a journey through fun and engaging content including The Funnies and Words that make us wise to boards showing off their cleaning appliances such as Forever Series Gold.

In between they provide boards such as Stunning Floors, the implication being the floors could have been maintained with Oreck products. Similarly, Furry Friends is engaging but of course pets are a good reason to have a decent vacuum cleaner. In the Steam-It board they show off examples of floors that have been cleaned with the Oreck Steam Mop.

You can find out more about Pinterest at the 2 hour workshops I run regularly in Cheltenham which cost £47 per person.

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