New Twitter weekly email

Twitter have announced that they’ll be sending a weekly email to all users of the service. This will contain popular news stories, the Twitter accounts that have shared them along with some popular tweets from major users of the service. The email will be personalised to include the ‘most engaging tweets seen by the people you follow’ which won’t necessarily mean from people you follow so a good opportunity to expand your network.

The email will have a similar look and feel to the Discover tab on which was introduced as part of the latest redesign.

You’ll be able to tweet stories directly out from the email and see related tweets from the people in their Twitter feed.

This new email should drive engagement with tweets you might not have seen otherwise and for highlighted accounts will help increase followers. You may well come across interesting content that you’ve missed during the week so whilst an email might seem old hat it could be handy.

However, if you don’t wish to receive the new email you can opt out under Settings/Notifications.

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