Ace use of twitter from Autoglass

An example of a UK business making great use of Twitter to obtain leads and help customers is @autoglass. A team of two monitor social networks full time during office hours. To obtain leads they monitor tweets containing words like ‘chip’ and ‘cracked’ together with ‘car’ and ‘windscreen’. Tweets containing the words ‘chip’ and ‘fish’ would be ignored.

I like the informal non-salesy tone of the above. I don’t know how many sales Autoglass are making from this approach but they’re obtaining plenty of leads. Last Friday the above conversation was one of seventeen examples.

For customer services ‘Autoglass’ and variations are monitored. This can reveal issues from customers as well as positive mentions. In the case of the former if something needs attention, the social media team will respond by way of apology. Customers will then be invited to direct message, email or phone with further information. The issue will then be looked at and resolved. In the case of the latter, customers are encouraged to DM in with more info. Recommendations are then passed onto the appropriate branch and technician.

To learn how your business can use Advanced Search and Twilert to make successful use of Twitter in the same way as Autoglass, you can view these #tweetthat videos – How to use Hashtags and Advanced Search and How to obtain leads using Twilert and Buffer to schedule tweets. To learn how to use Tweet Deck book a place on one of my Twitter Masterclasses which are held in monthly in Cheltenham.

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