5 tips to power your Pinterest

Pinterest continues to grow apace and is becoming increasingly significant as a source of traffic for websites. Earlier this month Shareholic announced that Pinterest was the 4th largest source of traffic after Google, Direct traffic and Facebook. It’s anecdotal but my own experience supports this. For the first time in August Pinterest featured in the top ten referral sources for intranetfuture.com.

Here are 5 tips to help you power your Pinterest:

1) Add images to your blog or regular news posts and make them pinnable eg eye-catching and easy for visitors to pin. This will help encourage more visitors from Pinterest to read your blog or regular updates. Pin your blog posts images to your own boards too.

2) Learn which of your website or blog images are being pinned by visitors with this link:  http://pinterest.com/source/<yourwebsite>.com This can help you fine tune the tip above – eg show you which are images are working best on your website and blog.

3) It’s not all about pinning from websites. You can upload your own pins. Don’t forget to add an appropriate website address when you do this. There’s no prompt so select Edit and add a website address after you’ve uploaded.

4) If you are promoting your products you can add their cost by putting a £ or $ symbol in the pin’s description followed by the cost of the item. This is then displayed in the top left hand corner.

5) Pinterest isn’t just for photos. You can pin and upload videos, infographics, PowerPoints and pdfs – all of these can work well if you provide a service and don’t have any products to photograph.

I run regular 2 hour workshops on Pinterest in Cheltenham so come along to learn how Pinterest can help drive traffic to your website and grow your business. For plenty of social media tips and statistics check out my Social media works and Social media tips Pinterest boards.

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