LinkedIn launches dark mode

The Social Media Weekly: LinkedIn launches dark mode

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LinkedIn launches dark mode


LinkedIn has introduced dark mode on both desktop and its mobile apps

LinkedIn has introduced dark mode on both desktop and its mobile apps writes Jonathan Pollinger, Social Media Trainer.

LinkedIn have formerly announced Articles for Pages.

Comment: A bit odd this one as many including me, have had the feature for around a year.LinkedIn has combined LinkedIn Live, Virtual Events to form LinkedIn Live Events.

LinkedIn’s has a new new ad option which allows you to measure brand perception between people who have seen your ads and people who haven’t. Then, the members exposed to your ads will be surveyed on metrics like brand awareness, favourability and consideration.LinkedIn is also adding reach optimisation so you can target brand awareness and lift ads towards the number of unique members that are shown ads.

The platform is also updating its Forecasting Tool and Campaign Manager reporting so you can see the predicted reach and frequency of your brand awareness and lift campaigns.

Twitter rolls out Communities

Twitter has started up its verification process once again and is “back to rolling out access to request a blue badge”.

Twitter is working on the ability for users to change the in-app language to a language of their choice.

Twitter has announced that all approved Spaces hosts can now set a ticket price and audience capacity for their Space.Twitter has sent our more invites prompting people to setup a Professional Profile.

Comment: This suggests that the wider rollout is not too far away.

Lists appear to have dropped off the left-hand menu on desktop, possibly because I know have Communities as an option.

Comment: Annoying!Twitter is working on the ability to filter messages that are ‘Relevant to you’.

Twitter is redesigning some of the pages in Analytics.


Instagram launches link sticker

Instagram is internally testing a new Montage option, which would enable users to convert their Instagram Stories frames into short Reels video clips. The new process would enable you to splice together your Stories frames into a Reels clip.

Instagram has launched Map Search in Australia and New Zealand, as well as other markets, a feature that allows Instagram users to use a map to find tagged businesses. Map Search can be accessed in-app via an icon in the Explore tab in the top right next to the search bar.

Instagram is testing the addition of a notification bell for content creators from which users can set up the notifications we want to receive from.

Instagram is introducing WhatsApp click-to-chat buttons professional Instagram profiles. The option to create ads that click to WhatsApp directly from the Instagram app, so people can start a chat with just one tap will follow shortly.

Instagram is testing the ability for businesses to manage emails through the Business Suite Inbox as well as send remarketing emails.


Facebook Reels are coming

Facebook are going to introduce ‘Work Accounts’ which will allow business owners to access FB business products, like Ad Manager, separately from their personal Facebook account.

Comment: Many social media managers are now celebrating and will now ‘delete Facebook’. This is the death knell for ‘dummy/fake accounts’ which can only be a good thing. It won’t do FB’s user numbers much good, so a brave move by them.

Facebook is replacing Announcements in Groups with a new Featured section. You can pin posts, topic hashtags and rules at the top of your group in the Featured section.

Facebook are testing Split Testing for posts which will allow testing of different versions of a post to see which one is most effective.

Comment: Already available for Ads, this could be a really handy and worthwhile feature.

Facebook is rolling out its new podcasts feature for Pages to more businesses.

Facebook is prompting users to save videos in the Watch tab under a new “New for you”.

Facebook is introducing File Manager, a new feature that allows businesses to easily create, manage and post content within Facebook Business Suite.

Comment: Business Suite just got even messier.

Facebook will soon expand Facebook Business Explore to people in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom. 

Comment: This is great news for small businesses as it will help more customers find them.


Merchants in Austria, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland can now to join the Pinterest Verified Merchant Programme and gain access to storefronts and product tagging.

Comment: These shopping features plus others like Lists are already available in the UK so if you sell products, worth a look.

Pinterest is trialling a new full screen vertical scroll Watch tab, like TikTok, featuring videos and photos.


WhatsApp users can now fully encrypt their message backups. WhatsApp is working on a transcription feature for voice notes so users can read what’s been said instead of playing it aloud.

WhatsApp is working on an in-app tool to quickly convert images to stickers.

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