reels are coming to Facebook

The Social Media Weekly: Reels are coming to Facebook

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Reels are coming to Facebook


Instagram Reels are coming to Facebook

As flagged up here previously by social media trainer, Jonathan Pollinger, Reels are coming to Facebook! Some users are reporting that Facebook has added a Reels shortcut in its main app.

Businesses will now also be able to add a Messenger connection opt-in as part of their Facebook Login process on their websites, providing another way to maintain customer connection, and amplify promotions with interested users.

Comment: This is a great way to improve connections with customers if you have Facebook Login on your website or are thinking of adding it as an option.

Facebook is rolling out the ability to tap X on posts to see fewer posts like them in the future.

Comment: Handy for the many who complain about the relevance of content in their News Feed.

Facebook is integrating Vimeo Create into Business Suite. Businesses that use Vimeo can access templates built and optimized for Facebook plus millions of stock photos, videos and commercially licensed music. 

Facebook is testing Community Awards in Groups which popped up for me in a Group yesterday.Community Awards allow Group admins to award ‘outstanding group comments’.

Facebook is rolling out its improved A/B post testing tool for Ads.You can now run tests with different versions of text, link, image, and video to find the best performing combination.


LinkedIn has introduced dark mode on both desktop and its mobile apps

LinkedIn is adding integration with Zapier to LinkedIn Events. Zapier allows people to link different apps like Gmail, Google Drive and Slack into a single stream. The new integration means organisers will be able to capture data on their audience, including name, contact details, employer, seniority, job title and location and pass them through to Zoom and other apps.

Comment: One problem with LinkedIn Events is that people think they’ve registered by accepting the event. Integration with Zoom or a ticketing app gets over this problem and reduces admin for event organisers too.

Twitter rolls out Communities

Twitter is working on a playback speed option for videos.

Twitter are going to introduce Categories to Topics.

Comment: Sensible move which makes it easier to find and obtain content you’re interested in.

Twitter is testing a visual editor process that incorporates the same elements as its retired Fleets product. The visual editor feature in development would enable users to add stickers, text, crops and more to their uploaded videos and images, then attach them to their tweets. 

Twitter Tips is now rolling out to everyone (18+) on iOS.

Comment: Freelancers and creators! You can go into Edit Profile and start collecting tips as soon as you have the feature.

Twitter will soon make Spaces even more prominent in its app. The company says it’s working on making conversations in Spaces easier to discover, and will begin to feature more Spaces at the top of users’ timelines. It’s also working on a dedicated tab for the feature, where users can browse recommendations and upcoming Spaces. 

Recording and replay is coming to Twitter Spaces.

Twitter says it’s planning to “soon” explore support for NFT authentication. This would allow NFT creators to connect their crypto wallets to Twitter, in order to track and showcase their NFTs on the platform. 


Instagram launches link sticker

Instagram could soon let you convert Story Highlights to Reels – See Reels are coming to Facebook above.

Instagram is working on an ‘Unanswered’ filter for the messages inbox.


Pinterest tests sharing Idea Pins to Facebook and Instagram Stories.


WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will allow its users to search for businesses within the app for the first time. WhatsApp’s Head Will Cathcart said, “I’m excited we’re starting to pilot a local business directory within WhatsApp. This will help you find and contact local businesses, like your neighborhood coffee shop, florist, clothing store, and more.”

WhatsApp is developing a feature on iOS that’ll offer transcriptions of received voice messages, letting you easily read what’s been said without having to play it out loud.

WhatsApp have removed the shortcut to Messenger Rooms from WhatsApp.Comment: With WhatsApp Group chat possible I doubt more than a handful of people used this.


Zoom is bringing automatic live translation transcriptions for a number of different languages although it hasn’t said which ones yet. Live transcription for English was introduced in February.

Whiteboard is going to exist as a separate app as well as continuing to be available in Zoom meetings. You’ll be able to add sticky notes, drawings, and comments on your boards, as well as doodle of course 😀, and view them whenever you want.Early next year, Zoom is coming to Facebook’s Horizon Workrooms.

The shared VR meeting space will be able to host video meetings and connect to Zoom Whiteboard (see above).

Learn how to improve how you look and sound on Zoom.

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