LinkedIn and Google+ make it easier to connect

LinkedIn has made some improvements to its People You May Know feature which provides members with personalised and relevant suggestions that make it easier to find and make new connections. LinkedIn looks at who is in your existing network, where you used to work and where you went to school to make suggestions.

When on the LinkedIn homepage three suggestions are displayed on the top right hand side. Select ‘see more’ on the bottom right of the box to display a new style ¬†two column page with more suggestions. Not all members have been upgraded yet but here’s a preview of the new style People You May Know page with results personalised for you (make sure you’re logged in before you view).

As well as the improved design and presentation, LinkedIn has also made it easier to filter results – just select the logo of the workplace, school or college at the top of the page to view appropriate results.

Google+ have introduced a feature using exactly the same phrase as LinkedIn. Their ‘People you may know’ function suggests people that you might like to add to Circles. Potential new connections are displayed when you add people in the top right notification area, which is available whenever you are logged into any Google website, not just Google+. This new feature is in addition to the Suggestions that are posted on your Circles page.

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