10 things that bug me about LinkedIn

Don’t get me wrong. I love LinkedIn through which I’ve obtained lots of business and shown others how to do the same. After several years of inertia the professional’s network has improved dramatically in terms of usability and functionality. BUT, there are some things about the LinkedIn interface that really bug me. None of them would be difficult to fix or implement so let’s hope the improvement continues and some, if not all of these are resolved.

1) You can’t add a file such as an image or a pdf to a status update from your profile. Yet, you can from Home.

2) The Newsfeed on Home doesn’t automatically refresh. It would be helpful if it scrolled automatically in the same way as TweetDeck.

3) You can’t add hyperlinks to your Comments. Why not?

4) It’s not possible add photos to Comments in a conversation like you can on Facebook. Why not?

5) You can’t switch off the LinkedIn Today headlines on Home. You can customise but it would be useful to be able to just view updates from your network.

6) You can’t mention/tag just Christian names as you have to tag the full name. This begins to look silly during a conversation if you know someone well.

7) You now have to click a link to view a connection’s contact details. OK, so it’s one click but given the importance of Contacts on LinkedIn shouldn’t Contact Information be displayed and not hidden on a profile?

8) If you have a query from a LinkedIn Group Admin about your request to join their Group it’s seemingly impossible to reply to them!

9) Even though you’ve read all your messages, for some reason the messages unread indicator shows that you haven’t. Argghhh.

10) Last but not least…you can no longer use hashtags on LinkedIn despite their usefulness and increasing popularity. Read more about this – LinkedIn withdraws hashtags. 

What do you think? Do you the above annoy you too or are there other aspects of LinkedIn that irritate you. Let me know in the Comments below.

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