Don’t post from Twitter – Tweet!

Posting the same update to Facebook and Twitter can be problematic, so tweet from Twitter and post from Facebook. Each Social Network has its own nuances, language and audience and what’s appropriate for one might not be for another.  So post to Facebook and tweet to Twitter.

Don’t post exactly the same update to both Facebook and Twitter. Vary the update as appropriate and post at different times. For example, you have more space to work with on Facebook compared to Twitter so you can go into more detail. To schedule a Facebook post and a tweet at different times use a tool like Buffer – read more about Buffer here.

Here’s an example of two Facebook posts that simply doesn’t work on Twitter as it encourages people to Like; a Facebook and not a Twitter action.


The second tweet also illustrates a problem with posts being truncated. In this case, 2 hashtags are lost which would added value to the tweet.

Tweets posted to Facebook don’t work too well either. In this example, a Twitter account name is mentioned – which has no meaning on Facebook – plus the instruction to tweet for tickets doesn’t quite work as this is being read on Facebook.

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