Increase your Twitter followers with this power tip

A helpful and regularly used feature for finding people to follow on Twitter, is to use the Find Friends option, which can be found under the #Discover tab on

So you need to maximise your chances of showing up in the results when your contacts use this feature. I’ve picked up a simple yet powerful tip from @cspenn that I’d like to pass on; a simple and quick change that lead to a big increase in followers.

The tip is to check that the email stored on your profile is your business email address and if it isn’t, change it. To do so, go to the cog symbol on the top right, select Settings then check your email address under Account. If you need to change it do so, Save and then confirm by entering your password.

If my experience is a guide, you may discover that you used your personal email address when first registering on Twitter and you haven’t changed it since. Clearly it makes sense to have your business or work email stored, as this will be the email address that your contacts, prospects and clients will have stored and will be the address used by Find Friends to locate you.

Bonus tip! Whilst you’re in the Account area, if you live in the UK, check that your Language is set to English UK. Twitter have just added it as an additional option to English and the other Languages listed.

If you are looking for more Twitter Tips then you can download my 100 Twitter Tips by paying with a tweet!

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