10 interesting social media stats

The number of users on each of the main social networks are published on a regular basis but here are 10 more interesting up to date statistics. Thanks to @craigsmith for providing the source and for supplying some of these stats.

And if you were wondering about the total numbers of users on the main networks here they are: Facebook 1.11 billion (source: Facebook – new figures due 24 July 2013), Google+ 693 million (source: Trendstream), Twitter 555 million (source: Statistic Brain), LinkedIn 225 million (source: Linkedin), Instagram 130 million (source: Instagram), Pinterest 70 million (source: Semiocast).

Facebook statistics

1) 751 million people are using Facebook on mobile, up 54% since last year. (source: Facebook – 18 July 2013)

2) More than 350 million photos are uploaded per day on average to Facebook.  (source: Facebook – 18 July 2013)

3) Largest brand Page in the UK – Amazon UK with 3,948,511 Likes. (source: Intranet Future  – 19 July 2013).

Twitter statistics

4) Percent of Twitters who don’t tweet but watch other people tweet – 40% (source: Statistic Brain – 5 July 2013)

5) Twitter advertising revenue in 2012 – $259,000,000 (source: Statistic Brain – 5 July 2013)

6) Largest brand Profile in the UK – Nandos UK with 1.088.741 followers. (source: Intranet Future  – 19 July 2013)

LinkedIn statistics

7) Strategic planning is most endorsed skill on LinkedIn  (source: LinkedIn)

8) After 1 month LinkedIn had 4,500 members – now there are 225 million. (source: LinkedIn)

Instagram statistic

9) Average number of Instagram photos posted daily – 40 millions (source: Instagram)

Pinterest statistic

10) Pinterest is the fastest growing social network (source: ComScore)

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