How to reduce emails from LinkedIn

Is your inbox getting swamped with emails from LinkedIn? There are numerous email notifications you can received from LinkedIn and the default settings mean that once you get active on LinkedIn you can end up receiving lots of email.

The good news is that you can choose exactly what type of emails your receive and how often. After you’ve logged in select our name on the top right and then Settings. At the bottom of the page select Email Preferences and you’ll see the following under Email:

  • Select the types of messages you’re willing to receive
  • Set the frequency of emails
  • Select who can send you invitations
  • Set the frequency of group digest emails

…and the following under LinkedIn Communications:

  • Turn on/off LinkedIn announcements
  • Turn on/off invitations to participate in research
  • Turn on/off partner InMail

If you’ve joined a lot of LinkedIn Groups then by default you’ll be getting daily email notifications which can soon swamp your inbox. To change the frequency of these emails or to stop them altogether select┬áSet the frequency of group digest emails and make your required changes.

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