Have you tried Google+ hangouts?

Hangouts on Google+ are a great alternative to face to face meetings and I suggest you give them a try. If you are struggling to get delegates together due to time and distance then this video conferencing tool could be the answer. There is no costs involved Рeach participant just needs to be on Google+ and have a PC/laptop with a webcam or a phone/tablet with a front facing camera.

The time and the costs of a face to face meeting which can involve room hire, travel, utilities, refreshments can be quite substantial and Hangouts provides a realistic alternative. Features such as ‘face switching technology’ where the person speaking is displayed in the main part of the screen work really well and add to the¬†experience.

Hangouts support meeting of up to 10 people and are nicely integrated with Google Docs and YouTube. So for example you could collaborate on a document or show a client a training film and take questions. There are many possible uses supported by this technology. Please let me know your own ideas.

To learn more about Hangouts and making the most of other Google+ features please book onto my Google+ Masterclass on Wednesday 15 February.

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