How to build an attractive website for your real estate agency cheap and easy

Wondering how to build a website for real estate agents? We are going to demonstrate for you the complete process.

For sure, in the present day, many digital shoppers need to find their dream home. The search begins with a website so that building your website with real estate information is the first step.

First, before building a website, you will need a domain and hosting. Buying a domain name is straight forwarding; you need to find a trusted domain that is accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. It is not necessary to spend a lot on a domain; all you need is to determine your hosting plan.

Before building a website

Pick the most appropriate hosting plan with free email addresses, domain name, unlimited disk space, webmaster tools as well as marketing tools that are compatible with Google AdWords, Facebook Advertisement, Yahoo, WhatsApp marketing tool for business, and others. Pay attention to domain privacy, theft protection, and automatic renewal.

Do not forget to include your location in your domain, because it is useful for your potential clients and search engines as well. If you want to use location-based domain extensions, there are a variety of them such as nyc., boston., la. or any other connected to an area where you sell.

How to build a website cheap and easy

Once you have the mentioned two components, think about whether you would like to build your own real estate website or you are going to find a website designer to build it for you. In addition, you may use a DIY real estate website builder. This is the lower-cost way to create an efficient real estate website. Such tools are easy to find in trusted overviews, so check all the variants before creating the website you want. 

For example:

  • Wix performs hundreds of template options such as galleries to add your photos and video as well as other types of buttons and pre-made blocks to turn a newbie website into a strong starting point.
  • SITE 123 is a less complicated version of a website builder with about 180 templates and a variety of apps to expand the control and functionality of a website. There are varieties of automatic features such as breadcrumbs navigation, auto-categorization of products in the online store as well as an easy form builder.
  • For small or medium-sized businesses, we recommend using GoDaddy Website Builder with expanding template options, high-quality design options, and other corresponding features. You will find a number of categories of content layouts, which included standard functions such as photo galleries, blog feed as well as reviews.

If you choose to design your real estate website by yourself, select a template that is the most reasonable and attractive with your company logo, brand, and ideas. Find the template with complementary colors, which are pleasing to the eye, so that it will stimulate your client to spend more time searching for your propositions. Many professionals recommended selecting templates that demonstrate people’s emotions and feelings. For example, you can add a happy couple purchasing a new house or an apartment.

Pages of a website. What to include?

Standard pages on a real estate agency involve the following:

  • About the company;
  • Property listings;
  • Buyer information;
  • Seller information;
  • Contacts;
  • Terms and conditions.

Without the features with property listings, your platform will not differ from others on the Internet. Use high-quality photos and appropriate design to demonstrate your offers for the clients.

All the pages should be written in a professional way. So, include only the clear content and correspond to your company, the policy of a company, and your ideas. You can hire a writer to fill the pages with the most appropriate texts or you can create it in a word processing program such as Microsoft Word.

Once you finish with the design and content, save your specifications and preview the completed version in a browser. Only after, you will be confident that all the aspects are satisfied with your expectations, you can publish it.

An Attractive Website Involves:

We have observed and studied a variety of different real estate websites to find the 3  crucial functions for an efficient real estate website.

1. Branding and Social Proof. Branding is one of the key elements of success for a real estate business. It is significant for the company to stand out from the professional targeting from the rest of the competitors as well as to make the company visible to the potential buyers and sellers. Definitely, achieving a higher level of consistency in branding takes time, but you will get a huge reward after everything will be set up correctly.

Include flyers, business cards, and attach social media profiles. Clients like reading reviews, so give them this opportunity.

2. Marketing. Use retargeting and chatbots. Retargeting campaigns are used for businesses in different industries because it can help you to achieve a 50% increase in leads and sales.

3. Additional Services. Involve such services as listing, MS information, resources, apps, and floor plans.

Key Features:

Many features were discussed in order to build an attractive website for real estate, so let’s summarize them:

  • Modern and stylish design with high-quality photos;
  • Use complementary colors that are pleasing to the eyes;
  • Custom navigation with an animated menu;
  • Insights page with blog posts and recent news. Online readers like discussing something, we recommend adding a comment section below each post.
  • Multilingual functionality;
  • Sticky social sharing buttons and the inquiry form;
  • Contact page or a live chat. Include the Contact Us page to the menu or use a sticky pop-up with a live chat;
  • Include the get-in-touch form in the footer;
  • Add live search with variabilities such as a price range, property type, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc., especially if you have hundreds of offers.
  • Clients` reviews and testimonials. Add a section to demonstrate how easy and perfect you are doing a great job.

Follow our checklist with key features on how to build an attractive website for your real estate agency and it will lead your business to success.

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