Google launches custom URLs

It was a surprise at the launch of Google+ in June 20111 when Google announced they had no intention of providing custom URLs aka personalised web addresses. A custom URL is a short, easy to remember web address that links directly to  a Profile or Page on Google+. Google was out of step with other social networks in this regard. For example, a list of my Facebook Page, Twitter profile, Pinterest account and Google+ Page looks like this:

It’s easy to spot the odd one out.

Thankfully they’ve changed their minds on custom URLs and the ability to customise web addresses for both Profiles and Pages is coming soon. For instance, Toyota can now use to direct people to their Page showcasing their vehicles. As with Facebook Profiles and Pages, custom URLs make it easier for people to find your presence on Google+.

At the moment, Google are introducing custom URLs to a limited number of verified Profiles and Pages and there is no timescale for a general rollout. However, it’s great news that they’ll be available soon.

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