Google+ for business tips

There’s an increasing interest in using Google+ for business so here are ten tips taken from my 100 Google+ tips which I’ve just updated.

1) Google+ is great for your improving your website search ranking. Get involved!

2) A Hangout is a Google+ video conference/broadcast. Use Hangouts to communicate with clients and to collaborate with colleagues.

3) You can broadcast live video and record using Hangouts on Air. Great for training, product launches and announcements.

4) Share your posts and photos even if intended recipients are not on Google+. Add email addresses in Share field.

5) Put words in asterisks to make them *bold*.

6) If you make a mistake you can edit your post after sharing. Hover over top right of post title then select Edit.

7) You can automatically upload all your photos to Google+ as you take them from your Android phone.

8) As you might expect the Search on Google+ is top notch. Use it to find people, companies and content to follow and engage with.

9) Google+ supports hashtags so use them for events and to follow and join into conversations.

10) You can Embed any public post on your website or blog. Just select the down arrow then ‘Embed post’.

If you’re local to Cheltenham, you can learn more at my Google+ for Business workshop on 6 May 2014. 

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