Good examples of Facebook Page promotion

With links or icons to Facebook and Twitter being displayed on the majority of websites it’s good practice to give people a reason for liking you on Facebook or following you on Twitter. Simply stating as much is no longer enough.

Two examples of doing this well come from Cheltenham Racecourse and Ask Baby Cotswold. In a recent newsletter Cheltenham Racecourse provide a number of reasons and benefits for liking their Facebook Page – ‘Make sure you become a fan today and be part of a great racing community. Be first to hear about special discounts and qualify for exclusive fan-only offers, have access to inside interviews with some of racing’s biggest personalities, see amazing behind-the-scenes photos and videos from every Cheltenham meeting, enter fantastic competitions and win some superb prizes.’ On the Ask Baby Cotswold Welcome Page they state: ‘Like us and we can show you what we like, with the latest parenting news, local events, competitions, special offers and well…just stuff we like’.

Providing reasons and benefits why people should like or follow can help you stand out from your competitors.

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