Obtain more Twitter followers via LinkedIn

It’s important to have a good sized and quality audience on Twitter and a feature on LinkedIn can help.

You can now display a Follow button (see below) on your LinkedIn profile which makes it easy for those viewing your profile to follow you on Twitter.

Twitter follow button on LinkedIn

To display this new button you’ll need to add your Twitter name. To do this go to Profile/Edit Profile. You’ll also need the LinkedIn Tweets app and authorise this with Twitter. To add this go to More/Get more applications, select Tweets and then authorise.

LinkedIn is a network for business professionals so this button should help you obtain new quality followers from visitors to your profile, whether or not they are connected to you on LinkedIn.

Whilst in the Tweets application ensure that all your tweets are NOT posted to LinkedIn; the vast majority of LinkedIn members don’t like seeing Twitter updates on their LinkedIn Home Page.

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