100 Twitter tips

Following the re-design of Twitter aka #newnewtwitter I’ve updated my 100 Twitter tips which you can download as a pdf.

As a sample here’s the first ten although they are no more or less important than the other ninety. I’ll be tweeting them out over the next couple of weeks. If you like a tip please tweet it followed by via @intranetfuture and the #twittertips hashtag.¬†Thank you.

View and download 100 Twitter tips (SlideShare)

  1. Check out #newnewtwitter Keyboard Shortcuts.
  2. Customise your background design with your brand and contact details.
  3. Use bitly.com to shorten links and to measure clickthroughs.
  4. Talk less about yourself and more about others.
  5. Create hashtags for your events. This helps to create buzz and conversation which raises awareness.
  6. Be polite – thank people.
  7. Monitor key words related to your business and industry.
  8. Ask questions to start a conversation.
  9. Answer questions to join a conversation.
  10. Make yourself memorable and your followers will take more notice of you.

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