Foursquare’s new app plus personalised ads on way

Location based social network Foursquare have completely redesigned their app which places more emphasis on discovery plus checking-in becoming easier too. The new app makes it easier for users to find cool new places and share experiences. It’s available now on iPhone and Android and will be out on BlackBerry in a few weeks.

Improvements are as follows:

  • New ‘closer to thumb’ check in button on top right of screen.
  • Redesigned Explore tab featuring top picks and recommendations in your immediate vicinity.
  • Introduction of hearts; Foursquare’s version of Likes allows liking of tips and venues. Interestingly you can also dislike a venue.
  • New activity stream on redesigned Friends tab. You can see who has Liked a comment or added a tip at top of the screen.
  • You can now mention users in check in comments Twitter style. They are hyperlinked to the users profile.

Overall, this changes make Foursquare a fully fledged recommendations as well as a check in service. Together with the recently announced American Express deal I’m sure this will make Foursquare more popular in the UK.

Not resting on their laurels further changes are planned for July when Foursquare will implement a new type of special promotion ads which will probably include coupons, special offers and a promotion features.

The new ads will provide businesses with the ability to target customers based on their current location and check-in history.

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