Foursquare reaches out to non-members

I’ve long been an advocate of Foursquare and its benefits for companies, particularly bricks and mortar businesses. Growth in active new members in the UK has been much slower than the US but the Foursquare team in New York and London are regularly adding new features that add value and increase awareness.

As of last week they introduced a new Share button/icon on apps and special web pages to show off venues to people that don’t have the Foursquare app on their mobile. Having tested over the weekend, it’s a shame that the new pages son’t appear on the iPad – users are directed to the old style pages.

On IoS you’ll see a new blue share button and on Android a share icon. If the recipient doesn’t have the Foursquare app installed they are taken to a shiny new web page which contains map, photos, tips and rating for the venue.

Maltsters Arms venue page

Selecting the Open App button on the top right of the page prompts you to sign up for Foursquare.

This new feature should help raise awareness of the benefits of Foursquare amongst non-members and encourage more users to join. Both are a good thing for venues who are promoting themselves through the Foursquare app.

What do you think about this new feature? Please post in the Comments below.

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