Foursquare introduce ads

After a considerable amount of piloting, Foursquare have introduced ads in the US for a few partner brands, although the advertising section of their website still refers to a ‘pilot phase’ with links to articles in 2012. Diageo owned Captain Morgan rum and Toys ‘R’ Us are among the partner brands.

These are the first true Foursquare ads and follow the introduction of promoted updates in August last year. Here’s how they work: Upon checking in to relevant locations ads will pop-up offering a coupon or relevant suggestion. For example, check-in to a bar and you might be recommended a Captain and Cola.┬áThe brand only pays for the ad if a user clicks the ad or saves it for later use.

The ads will also be displayed in relevant locations. For example. check-in to a nursery or playground and you might be offered a Toys ‘R’ Us money-off coupon. This could make them highly attractive for brands seeking to target a relevant audience.

The ads will be full page which might irritate uses but then they are going to be very relevant and in context so they might be popular with brands and users alike.

In August, Diageo will start advertising Smirnoff Vodka after users check-in to bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

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