Elite B2B Facebook Page

Businesses that sell to consumers get the most headlines when it comes to Facebook Business Pages. It’s not so easy for a business that sells to other businesses to make a success of Facebook, but one company that’s achieved this with their Page is Elite Extrusion Die.

From a well constructed Facebook Page the company provides regular photos of its employees and dies plus the tools and materials, such as aluminium, used to make them. Details of vacancies available at the Gloucester based business are also posted. Any questions posted directly on the Page or in Comments are responded to quickly.

Although the subject matter is engineering, updates are delivered in a consistent personal tone plus there are updates to thank the fans for their support. This approach is succeeding in building and engaging an audience, with the page having amassed nearly 6000 Likes with nearly 1000 people currently ‘talking about the Page’ eg Liking, Commenting or Sharing, as at end of July 2013.

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