Business Page? – you need a Welcome Page

At a recent social media workshop a delegate suggested that as a small company a Facebook Welcome Page was not appropriate for his business and would be expensive to have designed and produced.

Everybody likes to be welcomed and an introductory page providing reasons for Liking the Page in an on brand eye catching way can encourage new visitors to Like the Page and find out more about your business.

Whilst a Welcome Page such as Coca Cola’s can have video and lots of custom design, an attractive Welcome Page can consist of a single image which need not be expensive to have designed. The image should be 520 pixels wide. Whilst there is no maximum height most images are no deeper than around 800 pixels and typically are around 600 pixels. A designer should take no more than an hour or two to design and create such an image so it need not be hugely expensive. Ask Andy Thorne, a member of Intranet Future’s extended family for a quote. Here’s an example of his work on the bodyexpert Facebook Page although this one took considerably longer than an hour.

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