Facebook introduces recurring Events

Facebook have introduced a simple new feature that makes setting up recurring or events similar to previous ones a lot easier. One wonders why they haven’t brought this simple but time saving improvement in sooner.

When you want to create a recurring event or a new event similar to a previous one, go to the past event, select the the Gear button in the top right-hand corner and then select Create Repeat Event.

Details of the previous event will then be copied into the new Event. Note that each instance has to be created manually, ie you can’t set up a series of monthly events in one go, you have to add 12 separate events.

Facebook Events are great for providing publicity for business events like network meetings, conferences, open days, workshops and seminars. Events don’t accommodate booking and payments but you can easily include a link to your booking page.

Events can be setup by Profiles and Pages so if it’s a business event you’ll probably want to use your Page. Just go to the Status Update box and Select Events, Milestones +.

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