Facebook Page redesign coming soon plus more news

Here’s  a roundup of key Social Media news items that have caught my eye over the past month that will help you make the most of your use of social networks:

Facebook Page redesign coming soon – Your Facebook Page will take on a new look shortly: out goes the double column and in comes a new single column to bring it in line with your personal news feed; tab/app thumbnails will be moved to the left although they’ll be accessible under a More menu and a redesigned Admin Panel for Administrators is now on the right.

Twitter testing redesign – Not be outdone, hot on the heels of a change in January, Twitter is testing a major redesign with a number of users that makes it much more like Facebook. Here’s a screenshot I took of the new style design on the @chelt52 profile.

Note that Twitter are only testing this major redesign so it may or may not be implemented. I hope it isn’t as I really don’t like it. What do you think? Let me know in the Comments below.

LinkedIn to introduce new publishing feature for all – Since last year ‘Influencers’ on LinkedIn have had the opportunity to blog and write articles for the site. LinkedIn will shortly extend this platform to all members allowing anyone on the site to publish what their content. This is great news for bloggers as their posts will automatically be showcased as recommended reading to relevant profiles, thus providing a larger audience and a further opportunity to develop a community.

LinkedIn to integrate its Terms of Service with Pulse and SlideShare – With effect from 26 March, LinkedIn will merge its Terms of Service with Pulse – the source of news on the site, and SlideShare – the content repository it acquired in 2012. This will have a number of benefits for users. LinkedIn state that “SlideShare can be personalized based on your LinkedIn profile, your network, and your engagement with content from both services, and Pulse will be able to deliver more relevant personalized professional content.” If you’ve not yet done so I’d encourage you to check out SlideShare and if you’re already signed up connect SlideShare with LinkedIn to take advantage of the benefits outlined above. An interesting further change is the ability to log in to LinkedIn using your mobile number.

Facebook introduce Ad Sets – Facebook have revamped the structure of their Ads with the introduction of Ad Sets which fall between Campaign and Ads. (See diagram below).

Each campaign can feature multiple ad sets, each with its own budget and schedule. You can also organize each Set to represent different audiences, for example, people who live near your shop. Facebook says “this will help you control the amount you spend on each audience, decide when they will see your ads, and measure their response. The ad delivery system will optimize delivery for the best-performing ad in an ad set.”

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