Facebook launch new Help Centre

Facebook relaunched its Help Centre last week in a move which has been long overdue. When it comes to online help it has not compared well to other social networks. For my money, LinkedIn Help has long been way out in front in giving helpful information and resolving problems.

The new Help Centre is neatly divided up into 6 sections (see above). For businesses, prominence is given to help on Facebook Advertising and Facebook Pages and for users there’s a focus on Privacy, ‘What’s New on Facebook’ and ‘reporting issues’.

Navigation has been simplified with it taking around 3 clicks to find information compared with the 6 or 7 before. This has been achieved with menus and topics sliding in and out of pages when headings are clicked rather than a new page opening each time.

Search has also been improved with 5000 frequently asked questions scanned for relevant information and suggested as ‘search terms’.

Having performed a few searches it appears that content has improved as well as presentation so the new Help Centre is a welcome step forward for businesses and users.

Have you ever used Facebook Help Centre? What do you think of the new version? Please let me know in the comments below.

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