Breastfeeding sign goes viral over social media

A photo of a sign put up by Cheltenham restaurant Brasserie Blanc has reached over a million people through the power of Facebook with both The Independent and The Huffington Post covering the story and expanding awareness of the sign and restaurant event further.

It was posted on 12 July by pregnancy and motherhood site RefreshMe and as at 25 July, the photo (see above) has been liked 11,638 times, shared 8,107 times and commented on 427 times.

The sign was written by General Manager Emma O’Connor who came up with the idea after offering a stressed new mum a free cup of tea.

She said: “Since we put out the sign we have had so many mums ringing up and emails asking about it. I never thought it would attract so much attention.”

The massive coverage illustrates the huge importance of content on social media. Great content will be shared and consequently your business will receive increased awareness, which should translate into visitors and/or sales. You can read more about what makes content go viral in a previous blog post – How to go viral.

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