Avoid this common Twitter mistake

The visual, that is photos, images, videos and infographics are becoming increasingly important on Twitter. The significant part of a tweet is often a photo that creates engagement and generates an emotional response.

Since the end of last year photos have been displayed automatically in Twitter timelines meaning more people are likely to see them. But how many times do you see great photos or images but with bits missing eg heads of people cut-off, crucial facts and figures missing and so on?

What’s happened to the squirrel’s head?

It’s important for your photo or image to look as good as possible so it’s vital it’s the correct size or at least to look good after it’s been cropped by Twitter.

A cropped pic looking good

On Twitter a rectangular 1024 × 512 pixels works best which is cropped to 440×220 pixels on Twitter.com. Twitter doesn’t crop well though so photos incorrectly sized can look pretty bad. 

1052 x 512 pixels image resized to 440 x 220 pixels

Don’t forget that you can upload more than one photo too, which can create a powerful visual effect (see below).

3 photos inline on Twitter
3 photos can be better than 1

BONUS TIP – For Facebook photos in posts that are square and a size of 504 x 504 pixels work best.

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