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Boost post button comes to Facebook Groups

Above is the replay of Monday 14 May’s #SocialMediaShow which was broadcast live via my Facebook Profile from Cardiff, Wales. You can read the show notes below. I cover the week’s social media news and provide insights plus there are the regular features – Question Time, Tools Talk, Tip Of The Week, Number of the Week and Word of the Week plus new this week – Case Study Of The Week. Lots of news to get stuck into including the boost post button appearing in Groups.

The #SocialMediaShow is aimed at people who use social media for business. The show’s purpose is to increase your knowledge and help you take advantage of the latest new features and social media trends. Want daily updates? Find out about #SocialMediaDaily.

Question time: Do you use Instagram or Facebook Stories? Let me know in the Comments below.
Case study of the week: Burger King polled users using Instagram Stories who then downloaded a voucher for a free Whooper. The campaign earned 270,000 interactions across 45,113 unique users and generated 34,675 custom Whopper coupons in less than three hours.Burger King also increased its Instagram following by 10% during the campaign. (Source: Adweek).
Tip Of The Week: Add media to your LinkedIn Summary on your Profile as this is now visible without having to click a link on new design.
Tools Talk: Try Facebook’s new Analytics app – Android and iOS.
Word of the Week: Permalink – A permalink is an address or URL of a particular post within a blog or website that remains indefinitely unchanged. (Source: Blogspot)
Number Of The Week: 72%. According to Social Media Examiner’s Marketing Industry Report, Facebook ads are used by 72% of marketers.

Lots of news from the F8 Developers Conference including:
1. A new delete history tool – Users will be able to see and delete the data Facebook collected from websites and apps that use its ads and analytics tools.
2. New dating feature – people will have the option “to discover others with similar interests through their Groups or Events”.
3. New Groups tab on Facebook app plus a new Groups website plugin to provide easy access to your Group from your website.
Other Facebook news:
4. Facebook launch new Analytics App (I can’t get it to work on iPad).
5. More video insights are coming to Pages.
6. You can now view location history on desktop.
7. A boost post button is being seen in some Groups by Admins.
8. There’s a revamped Community Section for admins containing tons of useful stuff – https://www.facebook.com/community
9. Facebook is testing auto-publishing of reviews as Posts.

9. You’ll soon be able to see how long it will take for your friend/business colleague/client to reach you with new Live Location feature.

11. You can now cross post Live to multiple Pages.
12. Live rewind (just like Sky+) is now available if selected as an option before you start broadcasting.

13. Workplace by Facebook (FBs intranet product) has launched 50 SaaS integrations including Google Drive plus a bot directory.

14. New customer messages sent to a business account can now be found in main Direct inbox, instead of a pending folder. Business profile owners can now filter and star new messages.
15. Quick replies are coming soon to Direct Messages on Business Profiles.
16. Launch of Group video chat confirmed – flagged up that Instagram were testing 2 weeks ago on The #SocialMediaShow.
17. Redesigned explore tab is being tested.
18. Sharing to Stories feature has been introduced. Eg you can connect a Story to Spotify and display album art whilst visitors listen to the track.
19. New action buttons coming for selected partners are coming eg Book Now for Eventbrite.
20. Testing – Some users (including me) are reporting that payment details/card details can now be added and you’ll soon be able to book restaurants and films (UK and USA only). I spotted this new feature on an FB Page last week too.
21. Emoji sliders for polls have been launched.

22. You can now pin posts to the top of Company Pages – I spotted this one over the weekend.
23. You’ll soon be able to follow hashtags in your News Feed.
24. LinkedIn has made improvements to lead generation forms for sponsored content and InMail. These are forms that improve conversion from ads as information such as name and email address is pre-populated.

20. Tweets relating to the same news stories are soon to be grouped on your Timeline. This will make it more powerful for businesses to ‘newsjack’ trending stories.
21. Twitter has released its May events calendar. Great for making your social media posts and tweets ‘in the moment’ – view May calendar.
22. Twitter is rumoured to be testing encrypted messages on its Android app. Currently all WhatsApp messages are encrypted and you can encrypt a message on Facebook’s Messenger using secret messages if you wish.
23. You can now retweet with GIFS.

24. New Pinterest filters lets users search beauty content by skin tone.

25. Group video calling is coming soon.
26. You can now watch videos within messages without leaving the app.
27. Chat filtering by keyword is being tested on WhatsApp for Business on Android. You might not be aware but there’s a WhatsApp for Business app.

If you’ve been to Oxford recently you might have spotted some spoof social media street signs such as Selfie Passage and Snapchat Alley.

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