John Lewis testing Pinterest ads

John Lewis is testing wide screen ads on Pinterest

Above is the replay of Monday 4 June’s The #SocialMediaShow, brought to you by Cardiff Social Media Agency, Intranet Future. Lots of news to get stuck into including John Lewis testing wide screen ads on Pinterest plus I cover the rest of the week’s social media news and provide insights. In addition, there are the regular features – Headline, Question Time, Tools Talk, Tip Of The Week, Number of the Week plus Case Study Of The Week.

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Headline: Facebook is no longer in the top 3 most popular websites in the US according to Alexa.
Question time: Who would you most like to follow you on Twitter? Post your answer in the Comments below.
Case study of the week:
Tip Of The Week: Turn text testimonials and reviews into images using Canva or WordSwag to create social media posts.
Tools Talk: Leetags –
Number Of The Week: 1.3 billion fake profiles have been removed by Facebook over the last 6 months.

1. Trending news is being dropped – alternatives are being developed by Facebook but details are unclear.
2. Facebook is testing “a way for fans to become a supporter of the creators they love” through monthly payments in exchange for exclusive content or a badge highlighting their status as a supporter.
3. Facebook is improving Events again on Facebook Pages. It appears to be testing an option to allow people to ask questions via Facebook Messenger, add a free or paid admission option for an event with option of ticketing via Messenger, and set a ticketing price range.
4. I’ve spotted that Facebook’s mobile app now automatically suggests Instagram photos to share to a page on its Android app.
5. Facebook have re-designed the Pages Manager App but only for iOS at the moment. You can download the new version if you have an Apple device here: download Facebook Manager App If you’re a Pages Admin, this app should be a key part of your social media toolkit.
6. Facebook has launched a new tool to convert mobile articles to Instant Articles without the need to code. Instant Articles have been a mystery to many (including me!) and have proved hard to setup so they’re now worth a revisit if you’ve not yet looked into them. more on Instant Articles tool from Facebook
7. Facebook is testing Local Alert and Breaking News buttons for Pages which can be added to Posts.
8. A new Get Together feature is appearing in more Groups on Facebook. The idea is for a person to specify why, where and when they wish to meet up using a regular post. Others can then respond. Could be hand for business and err social networking.

9. Facebook has simplified its subscription for its intranet product and now simply offers two tier pricing: standard for free, or premium for $3 per user per month.

10. Facebook have removed a number of “pods” – groups of users that attempt to game the algorithm.
11. I’ve been presented with the option from time to time but it appears that Instagram is now rolling out a Share to Facebook button globally for its Stories. In most cases, it would make sense to do this. Get used to Stories – there’ll be replacing the News Feed one day.

12. I spotted on LinkedIn at the weekend that there’s a new premium content area on mobile just like desktop. Handy for premium members.

13. June’s Marketing Calendar with key dates you can tweet about is now available – download it here.
14. Twitter’s mobile web version, Twitter Lite, and Twitter for Windows now support night mode, real-time updates on replies, likes, and retweets and a newer tweet compose window.
15. Twitter is now using negative behaviour to demote content of uses. For example, if they tweet at a large number of accounts they don’t follow; they’ve been blocked by people they interact with several times; if they have created many accounts using a single IP address; and if an account is closely related to accounts that have violated Twitter’s terms of service. I can understand where Twitter are coming from but surely interacting with people who you don’t know is one of Twitter’s key features??

16. Pinterest revenues have increased 58% beating targets and the social network now boasts 250m users.
17. UK department store chain John Lewis testing new wide screen video ads

18. WhatsApp is testing ‘Click to Chat’, a new feature that will allow users to message people who aren’t in their contact list. Handy for people who engage in a lot of one-time conversations.

The Irish Times headline “Unblock your toilet with Facebook’s new feature” made me laugh out loud.

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