Facebook Ads 101 – options explained

The number of ways to advertise using Facebook Ads has been expanded this year and the many different options can be confusing. Below is a list of the various advert types with a brief description of what they are and how they work:

Marketplace Ads

These are the Ads that you see on the right hand sidebar of Facebook and are similar in nature to Google Adwords. When you set them up you can choose to display your Ads to users according to demographics eg age, gender, location and interests. Marketplace Ads allow you to encourage users to do the following:

  • Go to website via a link
  • Like a Facebook Page using Like
  • Go to Facebook App via a link
  • Promote an event via link

Each Marketplace includes a title, thumbnail image and body copy which is limited to 90 characters.

Sponsored Stories
Sponsored stories are based on the activity of Friends. For example,  if one of your Fans likes a Post on your Facebook Page their name and photo can be displayed to their Friends. Sponsored Stories can be displayed on the right hand sidebar or in the News Feed. Sponsored Stories are generated by the following activity:

  • Page Like (user Likes your Page and their Friends will see this)
  • Page Post Like (Fan Likes a Post on your Page)
  • Page Post Comment (Fan comments on a Post)
  • App Used or App Shared (User interacts with your App)
  • Check In (User checks into your location)
  • Event RSVP (user indicates they are attending your Event)

Page Post Ads
These Ads display content on your Page but posted as an advertisement. Page Post Ads can include text, photos, links.

They’ll display number of Likes, Comments and Shares beneath the post. By clicking on any part of the Ad users will directed to the Post or Photo on the Facebook Page.

Facebook Offers
Facebook Offers allow businesses to promote a special deal or discount via the sharing tool on Facebook Page. When users claim an offer their Friends will be notified in their News Feeds. Offers can be redeemed:

  • In Store Only
  • In Store & Online
  • Online Only

Learn how to set up Facebook Offers from an earlier article.

Promoted Posts
Regular posts can be promoted directly from a Facebook Page (or Profile). This means that Page Posts will appear in more News Feeds than they would normally (organically) and help grow a Page’s audience.

Posts can be promoted to Fans or Friends of Fans and are available on Pages with more than 400 Likes.

Have you used Facebook Ads? Please share your experience using the Comments below.

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