5 ways to promote your event using hashtags

Twitter hashtags are great for creating buzz and conversation in the build up to an event and they can also help promote the conversation during and after the event too.

Here are five things you can do to make the most of Twitter hashtags and improve your event marketing:

  1. Whether it’s a newsletter or website you are using to promote your event make people aware before the event of what the hashtag is by displaying it as much as possible.
  2. Encourage delegates to promote the hashtag. Add this instruction to the delegate or welcome pack.
  3. Arrange for staff at the event to have the hashtag on T-shirts or even transfer tattoos.
  4. Fill a screen at the event with event tweets using twitterfall.com or visibletweets.com.
  5. Use every opportunity to publicise the hashtag at your event eg on speaker’s slide decks, on signage and promotional literature.

Note that it’s important to make sure your hashtag is unique otherwise conversations get mixed up.

For more advice and tips on Twitter check out my regular Twitter workshops in Cheltenham.

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